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    Definition:  Wingding - (wing-ding)  noun; informal - A lavish or lively party or celebration   


 Let's Get the Party Started!
 Fresh Cut Fries

Lightly seasoned with one of over 100 flavours.

sm - $   2.99
   Spice 'em up for only $0.50 more! lg - $   3.99

Add chili to your fries for only 1.99(sm) / 2.99(lg)

Add cheese to your fries for only 0.99(sm) / 1.50(lg)

 Newfie Fries!  (Hand cut fries topped with bread dressing, hamburger meat and smothered in gravy. A true Newfoundland favourite!)         sm - $   3.50
lg - $   6.25
 Add extra beef for    3.99
 Add extra dressing for    1.50
 Add large onion for    0.99
 Add shredded cheese    1.50

sm - $   4.50

made only with fresh cut fries!

lg - $   7.99

 Sweet Potato Fries

sm - $   4.95

Served with a curry mayo.

lg - $   6.95

 Nachos (a Chef Mike specialty!)

sm - $   8.99

Hand cut corn chips topped with diced onion, tomato, peppers, black olives and bacon. Smothered in our own special cheese blend and served with sour cream and salsa.     

lg - $ 12.25

       (add chicken or chili for only $2.99 od add bef for only $3.99)

 Potato Skins (Always Fresh Cut)

sm - $   6.99

Seasoned skins topped with diced onion and bacon with our signature cheese blend and served with sour cream

lg - $ 10.99

and salsa.         
(add chicken or chili for only $2.99 or add beef for only $3.99)
 Potato Skin Poutine

sm - $   5.99

Potato skins with our special gravy and curds

lg - $   8.99

 Onion Rings our way!

sm - $   4.25

Crispy fried rings served with salsa
Spice 'em up for only .50 more!

lg - $   8.49

 Jalapeno Poppers

 $   7.49

Not just your average Jalapeno Popers either! Served with sour cream.  
 Spicy Garlic Bread Sticks

$   4.99

 Smother 'em with cheese! $1.50
Add bacon for only $1.50

 Wingdings' Famous Chili!

sm - $   3.95

Add cheese for $0.99

lg - $   6.25

 Soup of the Day

sm - $   3.95

Add cheese for only $0.99

lg - $   5.95

 You should only party on days that end in "y"

 It's a Street Party! !

 Combo Platters All combo platters can be sauced or seasoned to your liking with up to 4 flavours!

- 2 lbs of Gourmet  wings  

Choose your 4 favourite flavours

$  23.99

- Fins & Feathers  

Try our seafood & chicken combo (wings and shwings or wings and fish), sauced or seasoned to your liking.


- Chicken & Ribs  

Try a combo of our famous wings & ribs sauced or seasoned to your liking


- Triple Threat  

Wings. Shwings. Ribs.1/2 lb. of each & 3 flavours. Comes with Newfie Fries!  

- Celebration Platter  


An assortment of shwings, onion rings, and sweet potato fries accompanied with your choice of nachos, potato skins or a poutine served with salsa and sour cream!  
 Kitchen Party -   5 lbs Wings $   57.95

 Choose up to 5 flavours

-   5 lbs Ribs $   52.95
 Grey Cup Party - 10 lbs Wings $ 109.95

Choose up to 10 flavours

- 10 lbs Ribs $ 105.95
 Family Reunion - 25 lbs Wings $ 259.95

Choose up to 15 flavours

- 25 lbs Ribs $ 259.95
 Street Party! - 50 lbs Wings $ 499.00

Choose up to 25 flavours

- 50 lbs Ribs $ 499.00

Special pricing on larger orders or custom orders! *
(In case you want to feed the whole neighbourhood!)

* Advanced notice required




 Beverages (tax not inc)

 Beer On Tap                 Wingdings Ale!, Molson

(12oz)  $ 3.70

(pitchers available)                                  Coors Light

(20oz)  $ 5.43


   Rickard's Red, Rickard's White  

 (12oz)  $ 3.91


(20oz)  $ 5.87


Murphy's Irish Stout

 (12oz)  $ 4.78


(20oz)  $ 7.75


By the Bottle   (ask your server about Gluten Free Beer!)
Domestic  Coors Light, Molson, Bud, Bud Light, Canadian, Keith's, Keith's Light,  Moosehead

$ 4.57

Premium          Rickard's Red, Rickard's White,

$ 5.22

                                    Corona Light, Keith's Red


Stella Artois

$ 5.87

 Coolers            Smirnoff, Smirnoff Light, Mike's

$ 5.95

 Cranberry, Mike's Hard Lemonade  


 (glass)   $ 5.95


 (carafe)  $ 10.95

 Shots                           Rum, Vodka, Gin, Rye

$  5.95

 Cocktails              Caesar, Tequila Sunrise,
      Singapore Sling, Whiskey Sour, Vodka Lime,
                         White Russian, Toasted Almond

$  8.26

Gummy Worm

$ 8.26

Cherry Blaster $ 8.26
Caribbean $ 8.26
Sour Apple Martini $ 8.26
 Soft Drinks

Fountain  - Large (refills $0.50)

$ 1.99


Fountain  - Small  (FREE refill)
(for children under 10 yrs)

$ 1.49



$ 2.49

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, 7-Up, Orange Crush,Mug Root Beer, Iced Tea

 Milk       White or Chocolate   $ 1.95
 Juice (8 oz. bottle)     Orange, Apple       $ 2.45
 Bottled Water

$ 1.99

 Coffee or Tea

$  1.75

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 The Main Event! 


- over 135 flavours

1/2 lb  - $   6.99
Full lb  - $ 12.99
 Naked Wings! 1/2 lb  - $   6.99
Full lb  - $ 12.99
 Boneless Wings! 1/2 order  - $   7.99
  Full order  - $ 12.99
 Chicken Fingers - served with fries, plain or spiced up

$ 10.49

  Extra Dipping Sauce (per flavour) $   0.99
 Shwings! Battered black tiger shrimp toasted with any one of over 100 of our flavour combinations. Unbelievable flavour!

- 1/2 order       $   6.99
- full order       $ 12.99
(choice of naked or dressed)
 Now offering Back Ribs!

- 1/4 rack       $ 12.99

- 1/2 rack       $ 20.99

- Full rack      $ 27.99


 We Do Wraps Different! made only with fresh floured tortillas
All sandwiches come with fries or house salad. Swap for Sweet fries, Onion Rings, Chili, Caesar or Greek salad for only $1.99

   Crispy Chicken Bacon Wrap

$   10.49

Crisp Romaine, diced tomato, mixed shredded cheese and crispy chicken with Ranch dressing. Your choice of a whole wheat or white fresh flour tortilla.


   Garden Harvest Wrap

$   9.99

An assortment of garden fresh vegetables - tomato, green pepper, English cucumbers, Julian carrot slice, red onion and Romaine lettuce with Ranch dressing. Your choice of whole wheat or white flour tortilla or try it on Ciabatta!

     Burger Wrap

$   9.99

Sautéed loose hamburger topped on a bed of romaine with sliced onion, diced tomato and mayo. - toss in bacon         +$  1.50
- toss in cheese       +$  1.50

   Classic BLT Sandwich

$   8.50

Served on your choice of whole wheat or white Ciabatta bread. Romaine, tomato and bacon. Try a twist - substitute bacon with pancetta!  

$   9.75

Sweet bell peppers, sliced onions and diced tomato with out own special blend of mixed shredded cheese, served with sour cream and salsa.
- add chicken        +$   2.99
- add hamburger   +$   3.99
NEW  Pulled Pork Sandwich

$   11.99

Succulent pulled pork, slow cooked, tossed in one of over 100 flavours, served on whole wheat or white Ciabatta bun. Comes with Wingdings' own fresh cut fries.  
 SALADS          (add chicken to any salad for only $2.99)
Classic Tossed sm -     $   3.50
A fresh medley of seasoned veggies served on a bed of crisp Romaine with your choice of dressing. lg -     $   6.99
Caesar sm -     $   3.99

Crisp Romaine crunchy croutons and bacon tossed in a creamy dressing topped with parmesan.

lg -     $   8.95
Greek sm -     $   4.25
Crisp Romaine lettuce, tomato, English cucumbers, sweet bell peppers and sliced red onion topped with black olives and crumbled Feta cheese, served with house dressing. lg -     $   8.99

Add a small size appetizer a make it a combo!


 Sweet Victory Celebration!

Cheesecake Xango $   5.99

Rich, smooth cheesecake rolled in a fly pastry Tortilla

Mixed berry cheesecake

$   2.99

Delectable carrot Cake $   5.99
Flourless Chocolate Torte $   5.99
GLUTEN FREE - A blend of four chocolate, topped off with a chocolate Ganache topping.  

 Summer Camp!

(For the smaller appetites)

Wings & Fries

$  6.99

4 crispy wings served with fresh cut fries  

Chicken Fingers & Fries

$  6.99

3 chicken fingers, lightly battered and flavoured to your choice. Served with fresh cut French fries!  
Shwings & Fries $  6.99
1/2 lb. of our succulent shrimp flavoured to perfection  
Ribs & Fries $  6.99
3 of or famous dry rub ribs served with a side of fresh cut fries  

Substitute fries with a sweet fries, onion rings, poutine, chili, soup of the day, Greek or Caesar salad for only an extra $1.99

Pogo Dog & Fries $  4.99
Remember a childhood favourite. A deliciously wrapped hot dog on a stick with dipping sauce and French fries
Mac & Cheese Bites NEW $  6.99
A new delicious treat. Take an old favourite, toss it with a crispy batter, then deep fried to perfection for a taste everyone will enjoy.  

 Here's What We're Known For!

Wingdings has carefully researched, combined and tested many, many different sauces and spices from around the world to come up with over 100 special flavours for your enjoyment. Please feel free to leave your comments as well as suggestions for new wild and crazy mixes.  


Sweet Sixteen
(Sweet and Saucy)
Maple Harvest Bash
(Tangy & Rich)
Tailgate Party
(Smoked just right)
Prom Night
(All dressed up)
Honey Garlic Maple Glazed

BBQ Sauce

Blue Cheese

Honey Mustard Maple Jamaican Jerk ** Smokey BBQ Ranch
Honey Dijon Maple BBQ Chipotle Mango BBQ Caesar
Honey Salsa Maple Ranch Creole BBQ Creamy Cucumber
Honey Lime Maple Honey Garlic Apple BBQ Peppercorn Ranch
Honey Glazed Maple Salsa Sweet & Sour BBQ Chipotle Ranch
Sweet Chili Maple Garlic Lemon Pepper BBQ Italian
Sweet Bold Chili Maple Sweet Spicy Thai * Jamaican Jerk BBQ Peppercorn Caesar
Sweet Spicy Thai ** Smokey Maple Sizzlin' Onion Chipotle Blue Cheese *
Russian Apricot   Apricot BBQ BBQ Blue Cheese *
Sweet & Sour   40 Creek BBQ Mesquite Ranch
Sweet & Sour Ranch   BBQ Thai Parmesan Caesar
    Honey Mustard BBQ Chili Ranch *
    BBQ Plum  

Halloween Howl
(Garlic Anyone?)

Hawaiian Luau
(Exotic Flavours)
Mardi Gras
(Hot and Spicy)

Toga Party
 (Everything Goes)

Garlic Pineapple Curry Liquid Fire (VERY HOT) **** Sea Salt
Double Garlic Hawaiian BBQ Chilean Aji (HOT) *** Mesquite
Garlic Herb Jamaican Pineapple Classic Hot *** Lemon Pepper
Teriyaki Smokey Pineapple Classic Medium ** Onion
Chipotle Mango Plum Pineapple Curry Honey Garlic Classic Mild * Jamaican Jerk **
Ketchup Sauce Spicy Thai Pineapple ** Spicy Hot ** Chipotle Mango
Mahagony Hawaiian Fire (HOT) *** Spicy Garlic * Roasted Garlic & Herb
Apricot Lime Roasted Red Pepper Pineapple Roasted Red Pepper * Curry Powder
Salsa Mango Pineapple Curry Sweet Chili Heat * Pepper Corn
Szechuan Plum Jalapeno ** Salt & Vinegar

Garlic Parmesan

Apple Sauce

  Dill Pickle

Roasted Garlic Pepper *


  Sour Cream & Onion
      Smoke Applewood
      Ketchup Spiced
      Dill Pickle
      Cayenne pepper
      BBQ Spiced
      Chile Powder